#101 Segmentation Assignment

Find your target audiences by looking at competitors and via market research. Here I have used an example of the flip-flop industry to show a simple approach to start with.

Create your own Facebook Frame!

Now that you have learned how to make a Snapchat Geofilter, don’t waste the images you created and reuse them for a Facebook Frame creatively! Of course, if you want to, feel free to search for images online or recreate new ones. I’ll be using my example for Ontario Science Centre again in this tutorial. My motive is to let visitors document their exciting experiences with an OSC frame anytime of the day, week and year.     Let’s start marking a Facebook Frame! Step 01. Unlike Snapchat geofilter, you don’t need to limit yourself…continue reading →

Create your own Snapchat Geofilter!

Fancy knowing how Snapchat geofilters work? You ever wonder how is it that many of your friends have the same “rainbow” frame overlaid on their Facebook profile pictures during Pride celebration? I’ll show you how to create a Snapchat Community Geofilter by using an example that I made for Ontario Science Centre (of Canada), and a Facebook Frame for individual use, or if you happen to be promoting an event for your brand for a period of time. FUN TIME! Let's make a Snapchat Geofilter! Say I needed to create a geofilter for…continue reading →

Brand Concept – Ontario Science Centre

Who loves going to science museums mostly? Scientists?...Parents?...Oh, kids! Kids! Wait a minute. Is that completely true? Judging by the “quick facts” summarized by Ontario Science Centre, it seems that younger target audiences (including elementary, primary and secondary school students) are the main drivers of visitors to the museum. To speak in technical terms, youngsters are the “key stakeholder” who greatly influence the decision-making process of parents, family members and teachers. I looked at the abundance of online reviews and noticed that most commenters are families of adult age. Very few were young…continue reading →

How to use shared images online

I invite you too look at the visual below that I had recently composited in Canvas with images found online by searching 'Honda' as my keyword. The thing is, those are not my original photographies at all. I only used them to play around for this blog post. [Question] Is this allowed to do in terms of legal and ethical concerns? Let's be honest, you must have had the fear when using images online that has been shared many times by others, or posted by original creators in any image stock websites or…continue reading →

Imagery analysis for Lazy Oaf

Lazy Oaf is one of my favourite clothing retail brand, based in London, whom has caught mass attention from the hipster culture in the United Kingdom (mainly in Liverpool, Manchester and London). I am still a loyal fan who was lucky enough to live by one of the independent stores that housed their quirky wears in store. Regular seasonal releases had me excited all the time! Since I follow their instagram account, it occurred to me that this would be a great chance to talk briefly about the visuals they post online. I…continue reading →

Carolina briefly explains SEO

This week was a valuable experience! I learned a lot about SEO and keyword research. Below, I have condensed my understanding for SEO with doodles. Well, other aspects of SEO has not been covered such as paid and organic search, black/white/grey SEO, how Google sees websites and usability, and the history of SEO. Kept it simple, and is mostly what I learned from the group assignment for SMD103 Search Engine Strategies course.continue reading →

Best image sizes for Social Media posts?

Today, we are encountered with the ever-blooming world of social media platforms where we share stories, engage with people and learn from each other altogether. But what bothers most of us in the process of switching from one platform to another has always been the different visual outcomes when using the same image size across each platform. For example, a landscape photo that reflects its beauty best when it is shown as landscape view may not appear as powerful on Instagram than as shown on Facebook. Either you have to crop it to…continue reading →