Who loves going to science museums mostly?

Scientists?…Parents?…Oh, kids! Kids!

Wait a minute. Is that completely true?

Judging by the “quick facts” summarized by Ontario Science Centre, it seems that younger target audiences (including elementary, primary and secondary school students) are the main drivers of visitors to the museum. To speak in technical terms, youngsters are the “key stakeholder” who greatly influence the decision-making process of parents, family members and teachers.

I looked at the abundance of online reviews and noticed that most commenters are families of adult age. Very few were young couples without kids, individuals who went alone and those with friends. And many whom referred Ontario Science Centre as the best playfield for “under-aged” for several reasons.

What a bummer, right? Young adults, young families, elders and even CEOs, like Jack Ma, should also have the privilege/right to experience the thrill and fun experience too. Are kids having lots of fun? So can we! Be it a trivial interactive exhibit that seems “childlike”, or a shown device that everybody is familiar with.

Let’s spice it up a bit for them!

If you were new to OSC, what would be the first thing you search for? The official website? Travel pamphlets? Attraction magazines for Toronto? No matter what, the thing is – we are somehow surrounded by marketing, and marketing strategies will guide our audience to the right place. The first thing you want to see is potentially images of the Ontario Science Centre – that inspire and make you look forward to going.

Below are 3 images taken from the centre, that have been altered with image editing apps to create the right tone and feel for a new OSC brand concept.


Brand Concept – “Find the Futuristic You”

Ontario Science Centre is ultimately the science and technology playfield for all ages that allow you to become the protagonist of an extraordinary out-of-space experience through exhibitions, the interactive game plays, and surprising film screenings because having fun in the unknown now is the future of happiness. Get ahead! Kids play science to learn, we learn science to play.

1. Image A – “Plasma Ball Sphere”

[Image A] was originally a colour image turned black and white through VSCO app’s filter selections. It is the image of a plasma ball that produces streams of electricity by a fingertip touch. The black and white image still looks associable to the sphere, but with an elevated contrast of colours, lights, and centred focus of the bolt, it creates a strong impact of the unknown. A mysterious source of energy that is being attracted or produced by the sphere making the audience engage and question.

  • Image Composition: Figure to ground, Asymmetry, Focus
  • Picture taken with: IPhone 6, iOS 10
  • Editing APP:  VSCO | B5 filter (Black & White), higher contrast
  • A4. Intention: Mysterious, space-like, sci-fi mood

2. Image B – “Peeking into the exhibits”

[Image B] was originally “straighter” but I intentionally tilted the image (downward left) to create the “floaty feel” in a spaceship. In here, leading lines travel from the right to the left side. With curvy lines dropping from the top. The very far right, where an empty black line is shown was not removed to make the overall picture portray a “sneak peek” into one of the spaces in the OSC.

  • Image Composition: Leading lines, Asymmetry
  • Picture taken with: IPhone 6, iOS 10
  • Editing APP: VSCO | P5 filter, tilted, higher sharpness, higher contrast
  • Intention: Sci-fi tone, interior of a spaceship feature

3. Image C – “The future of NEON living beings’

[Image C]. Nothing may beat the exaggeration and brightness of Neon colours in regard to a “futuristic” representation. Adults may feel safer generally dwelling in dull colours in their daily lives, but introducing neon in visuals elicits new reactions and refreshment from the general brand image – OSC brings people together to be futuristic, be courageous and experiential.

  • Image Composition: Fill Frame, Patterns
  • Picture taken with: IPhone 6, iOS 10
  • Editing APP: VSCO | C1 filter, lower exposure, lower contrast, colder temperature
  • Intention: Futuristic colours (Neon), botanical science look, inspired by TRON’s staging design (the movie)

Don’t forget that you can use other forms (text, overlays, quotes, GIF, etc) and smartphone apps (Prima, Pixlr, etc) to make your images visually interesting and engaging depending on what you want to achieve. I hope this tutorial has got you started!