Lazy Oaf is one of my favourite clothing retail brand, based in London, whom has caught mass attention from the hipster culture in the United Kingdom (mainly in Liverpool, Manchester and London). I am still a loyal fan who was lucky enough to live by one of the independent stores that housed their quirky wears in store. Regular seasonal releases had me excited all the time!

Since I follow their instagram account, it occurred to me that this would be a great chance to talk briefly about the visuals they post online. I picked two of my favourite shared images and explored how it could be interpreted with insights of the brand concept juxtaposed. My curiosity was eager to know how their visuals actually communicate with us, the fans!

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A post shared by Lazy Oaf (@lazyoafs) on

The focus of the picked visuals from Lazy Oaf revolves around the central characters, whom simultaneously blend in with the background and stand out on its own. Both images visualize the experience of monachopsis that happens to all of us, yet accepting the situation as it is. It works well to deliver the brand’s voice – shine with your imperfections, weird taste, even if they look ‘out of place’ in our society.

HOWEVER, in the sense of social media interaction, I don’t think that the images trigger any or enough strong sentiment that connects or engages with audiences in a personal level.

Looking at the comments on the pictures, people mostly ‘like’ the visuals as an expression of interest, or subjective approval of new product releases. As a result, the images work mainly as a tool to please the eyes and to trailer new products – other than creating a conversation among audiences and the brand itself. Perhaps by a adding a simple question relevant to the brand’s message on the images, could encourage audiences in engaging with the visual more in a personal level.

E.g., “Accessory that you wear and is weird in Autumn?” or “What pattern would be funky for summer pants?”

This will certainly help facilitate a chain of dialogue within the brand’s fashion cult and build up significant context within the platform, gaining feedback from the main targets as a source of inspiration and, more engaging releases!